What's My Mayan Sign?

May 4, 2022

Find your Mayan zodiac sign

What's my Mayan Sign?

The term “Mayan” is used to describe characteristics of their culture or language, but they have one thing in common…

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They are all born under an astrological sign.

This personal trait determines what skills each person will be best at, as well as his or her likelihood for future success.

More importantly, it can determine where a person will most successfully work within the organization, whether that position is related to creating ideas, selling products, leading others or getting things done.

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Anyone can meet goals and do jobs. It takes someone who knows how to set them to achieve results.

That being said, here are some traits associated with each sign. Note that these signs are not equal--each one has its own unique qualities.

What’s Your Mayan Zodiac Number?

Each one of us is naturally drawn to certain activities and prefer different ways of doing things. These characteristics play a big part in determining who we are, so you might want to think about this before going ahead with any plans.

Are you a thinking type or a visual type? Do you like listing books you’re reading then focusing on one book at a time or do you enjoy browsing through pages of various topics while you search for information?

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These questions can help you identify your natural inclination level. You can also look into these aspects of yourself more closely by asking why you preferred one activity

Learn about the ancient language of the Mayans

What's my Mayan Sign?

The Mayas used a written form of their own, but it was very different from the one we use today. Instead of letters, they used pictures called codices. A code name is then assigned to each picture to indicate what it means.

Each codice has its own unique number also indicated within it. Knowing both the number and the name of a picture allows you to understand something about the message it conveys.

These codes were highly organized with nothing unrelated between them. By comparing one code with another, the meaning of each can be discovered. Through this process, a second set of codes that relate to messages from outside sources have been uncovered.

By studying not only these connections, but also the work of early researchers in the field, it’s possible to piece together an understanding of not just the Maya themselves, but how they communicated over time.

Compare your sign to the ones featured on the flag

What's my Mayan Sign?

You can compare yours with one of the known signs, or you can use them as guides to create your own

Most experts agree that there are an infinite number of stars in the night sky, and any given set of constellations is unique to who made them up and when they were created.

That said, there are some similarities between several sets of stargazers-the native people to certain regions, for example. The constellation Sagittarius, for instance, looks like a bow and arrow.

By comparing yourself to these ancient peoples, you can learn something about your own uniqueness and where you fit into this wide universe.

Ask your friends about their signs

What's my Mayan Sign?

You can ask them what sign they were born under, or you could go with one of these famous charts to help make up your mind.

Either way, we’re letting you know that this is an important date in history!

There are many theories behind why certain dates in history have become significant.

Some say that Mayans would train people to unconsciously pick up habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating, listening to music from the west less, etc.

These same people claim that the Mayas used different methods to prevent cultural influence from the west.

They did not want their peoples' minds to be open to new ideas or ways of thinking.

So, which is it? Are we influenced by the values and beliefs of those around us?

How do we keep our minds pure and our thoughts consistent with truth?

Which side will you join?

Will you choose faith over facts?

Facts aren't always easy to come by, but here now we'll provide some.

See what your friends say about you

What's my Mayan Sign?

Do your close friends see you as being funny, creative, or thoughtful? Or do they see you as passive or emotional? Ask them how they view you to determine where you place yourself in their eyes.

Your perspective on life matters. Why? Because it determines your level of happiness and wellbeing.

If you feel that you have more control over your life than others, this will boost your confidence and help you lead a happier life.

If you often feel overwhelmed by daily tasks, speak with your closer friends. They can help you find ways to be less stressed out and organize your time better.

Closer friendships bring a sense of joy and purpose into your life. This is because they allow you to share your inner most thoughts with other people.

They also provide encouragement when you need an extra boost, like when you’re struggling with school work.

Watch your favorite movies for hints

What's my Mayan Sign?

There are actually some very specific things you can watch for to see if there’s a Mayan prediction that is about to come true.

There was not one big event that promised doom, but a series of events over several months leading up to June 21, 2012.

These predictions have been reported by various sources, though they all agree that this is the date when the sun will be in a certain position relative to Earth, which will lead to increased solar radiation resulting in greater global heating and an extreme weather pattern across the planet.

In addition to these phenomena, there will also be less sunlight hours as well as lower average temperatures worldwide. Since water is such a vital resource, our society depends upon it, fewer water resources may cause problems with food production or supply.

Also, depending upon how close you live to the equator, either there will be a total lunar eclipse on June 20-21 or 22, where the Moon will completely hide behind the Sun. Some experts claim that this phenomenon occurs every year, while others place it at different times.)).

Finally, keep in mind that today (June 19) is the summer solstice, which means that the days will continue to get longer until October 17, when the days will start getting shorter again.

According to recent polls, people are concerned about global warming! It’s great to hear that, but why aren’t we doing something about it

Read book one (or both) by Paulo Coelho

What's my Mayan Sign?

If you’ve read Eagle Eye, The Alchemist or Bjorn Borg then this is going to make sense for you.

These books have inspired me (and can inspire you) to better understand the Mayans and their prophecies. I won’t give it away here! Click below to find out how 🙂

Look at the sky for a sign


In astronomy, an astronomical phenomenon is just what it sounds like — a celestial event (such as a planet turning around another star) that occurs with respect to the sky.

Some people refer to such effects as signs or symbols. Many cultures have their own beliefs about meanings of things in the sky. Within all these various traditions exists a common principle: everything in the sky has some kind of meaning, even if we don’t necessarily understand it yet.

That doesn’t mean we should jump to conclusions and apply ancient myths to our modern society, but it does mean we shouldn’t ignore them simply because we don’t fully grasp their meaning.

Many cultures worldwide attribute special powers to those who correctly identify stars and planets in the night sky. People who can accurately identify constellations are considered wise – they know how to put words best describing this particular situation into the context of their life.

Constellation lore tells us that they had important information to share which helped humanity over many generations.

These identified individuals were known as cosmologists, astronomers, zoanthropyists, astrogyrists, stargazers, moonlanders, and so forth. It was believed by most of these groups that there was a connection between human activity and the movement of specific bodies in the heavens.

These stories usually involved a group of ordinary people who recognized an image of something familiar when looking up at midnight during

Ask your friends about their signs

What's my Mayan Sign?

You can ask them what sign they were born under or look up where they fit in the astrological chart of the universe. Then, you can compare that to understand who they are. If they don’t want to tell you their sign, you can have a conversation with them to learn more about their sign.

Some people feel closer to certain signs – like babies do to parents. You may share similarities with someone born under a particular sign.

You could also meet other people who seem similar to you and feel connected to them. It is common for adults to identify as many different signs.

For example, there was a time when some people identified as an Air sign (think “Jayden from Fox News”) and a Capricorn sign (think “Steve from work”). These two didn’t know each other but shared a similarity in behavior matching the traits of one of those signs!

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