Unveiling Nawal Tijax: The Maya Symbol of Healing and Division

April 27, 2024

In the fascinating world of Maya cosmology, Nawal Tijax stands out as a powerful symbol of duality, representing both healing and harming capabilities. This article explores the multifaceted nature of Tijax, its significance in Maya spiritual practices, and the lessons it imparts about the power of truth and consequences.

Tijax as the Mirror of Reality

Nawal Tijax is often likened to a mirror, reflecting the stark realities of life. It embodies the clarity and precision of an obsidian mirror, a traditional tool in Maya spirituality known for its sharp, reflective qualities. Tijax is about cutting through the façade to expose the underlying truth, making it a symbol of uncompromising honesty and revelation.

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The Dual Nature of Tijax: Healing and Hurting

One of the most compelling aspects of Tijax is its dual ability to heal and hurt. Just as a scalpel can be used to excise a disease, it can also inflict painful wounds. This duality is central to Tijax's role in Maya culture, where it is seen as a critical element in both medicine and conflict. Tijax teaches the importance of careful handling of power—whether it's the words we choose or the decisions we make, each has the potential to heal or harm.

Tijax and Its Association with Conflict

While Tijax is revered for its healing capabilities, it is also feared for its association with slander, lies, and jealousy. These negative attributes arise from its intrinsic nature of cutting and separating, which can lead to division and discord if not managed wisely. Tijax days are considered potent for addressing and resolving conflicts, but they also caution against the escalation of disputes.

A Day for Refinement and Decision-Making

In Maya daykeeping, a day ruled by Tijax is seen as ideal for making important decisions, particularly those that involve cutting away the unnecessary or harmful. It is a day for purification and letting go of that which no longer serves us, encouraging individuals to refine their lives and focus on what truly matters.

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Tijax: The Spirit of Medicine

Beyond its metaphysical qualities, Tijax is deeply connected to the practice of Maya medicine. It symbolizes the essential qualities of a healer: precision, decisiveness, and the ability to navigate between harm and healing. Tijax's influence is crucial for medical practitioners in Maya traditions, who must balance these aspects to effectively treat their patients.


Nawal Tijax offers profound insights into the nature of truth, healing, and the inevitable consequences of our actions. Its teachings remind us of the delicate balance required in handling the truths we face and the decisions we make. By embracing the wisdom of Tijax, we can learn to approach our lives with more clarity and care, ensuring that our actions lead to healing rather than harm. This powerful Nawal challenges us to reflect on our integrity and the impact of our actions, making it a vital element in the spiritual and practical lives of the Maya people.

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