Expierence the Mystical Lands of the Anicent Maya.


Coming 2024
Journey to the sacred Mayan cities of Chiapas, Mexico. 


Coming 2024
Journey to the sacred Mayan cities of Chiapas, Mexico. 


Coming 2024
Expierence the magic of Campeche, Mexico

Why Travel with

Go to Mexico, Guatemala, and Belieze with purpose. Trips with MayanDay go beyond a normal vacation. These trips are created to mean something, and to take you deeper into the understanding of the Mayan Calendar and spirituality.  With MayanDay, you'll go beyond the surface, immersing yourself in authentic encounters, sacred sites, and the wisdom of ancient traditions. Let us guide you on a remarkable voyage that will ignite your curiosity and leave a lasting imprint on your soul. 

Travel with experienced guides. Dr. Jose Jaramillo has been guiding groups from all over the world for over 20 years. An expert on all things Mayan, Dr. Jose Jaramillo creates trips that are unique and have purpose. 

Dr. Jose Jaramillo

Author, Documentarian, Expert
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Nicholas Krieger

Creator of
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Safety is our Top Priority


Travel safety can vary depending on various factors and the current situation. Chiapas, Mexico, like any travel destination, has its own unique considerations. While Chiapas offers stunning natural beauty, vibrant indigenous cultures, and significant archaeological sites such as Palenque, it's essential to be mindful of certain aspects for a safe and enjoyable trip.

It is generally recommended to stay informed about the current travel advisories and follow any guidelines provided by your government or relevant authorities. It's also advisable to exercise caution, particularly in crowded areas and during nighttime. Like many tourist destinations, it's important to be mindful of your belongings and avoid displaying signs of wealth that could attract unwanted attention.

By taking appropriate precautions, being aware of your surroundings, and staying informed, you can help ensure a safe and rewarding travel experience in Chiapas, Mexico.

Common Sense

It is crucial to exercise common sense during your travels. Avoid walking the streets late at night and refrain from venturing too far from familiar areas, prioritizing your safety at all times. Safeguard your passport and valuable possessions. Additionally, when in public, it is advisable to keep expensive items discreetly concealed to minimize the chances of attracting unnecessary attention. Moreover, it is recommended to carry a photocopy of your passport with you as an extra precautionary measure.

Be mindful and respectful of others, this goes along way travelling in a foreign country. 


MayanDay strongly recommends that you invest in good Travel and Cancellation Insurance. We strive to plan a seamless trip from start to finish, but having travel insurance will provide you with essential support in the event of an accident, unforeseen inconvenience, or trip cancellation. You may visit Travelex Insurance Services or World Nomads to obtain a quote. Please note that Travel and Cancellation Insurance is not included in our prices; you must purchase the insurance separately. The average price for travel insurance is 5%-6% of the trip cost. 

Even with all the safety advantages of organized travel through an agency, travelers may face various challenges while abroad. Realistically, many of these challenges could be beyond your control, as well as ours. Being backed by travel insurance is the one thing that's completely within your control. Moreover, it offers you complete peace of mind—from the planning stages to the day you return home after your trip.


Secure and Trustworthy


At MayanDay, we understand the importance of trust and security when it comes to making payments. We prioritize the protection of your financial information so we can ensure a safe and reliable payment process. 

We know the importance of your privacy of your financial and personal information, we strive to safeguard your personal and payment data, providing a secure online environment for transactions. 

Additionally, we partner with trusted and reputable payment service providers to handle payment processing, adding an extra layer of security. Rest assured that your payments are handled with the utmost care and attention to ensure a seamless and trustworthy experience with MayanDay.


MayanDay is dedicated to providing flexibility and convenience when it comes to purchasing trips and other products related to the Mayan Calendar. Recognizing that each individual has unique preferences and financial situations, MayanDay offers multiple methods of payment to accommodate diverse needs.

Customers can choose from a range of payment options, including traditional methods like credit card payments, Apple Pay, Stripe, and PayPal. This variety ensures that individuals can select the payment method that best suits their convenience and personal preferences.


MayanDay understands that some customers may prefer to secure their bookings with a deposit rather than paying the full amount upfront. This allows individuals to reserve their desired trips or products with a partial payment, providing flexibility in managing their finances. The remaining balance can then be paid according to the agreed-upon terms and schedule, providing customers with the freedom to plan their payments within their means.

By offering multiple payment methods and the option of deposits, MayanDay aims to create a hassle-free and adaptable experience for customers. This commitment to flexibility ensures that individuals can engage with the Mayan Calendar and its associated products in a way that aligns with their financial capabilities and preferences.
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