Traveling In Mexico

May 2, 2022

Find a good location to visit

Traveling in Mexico

Chichen Itza is one of the most well-known archaeological sites in Mexico, and very popular with tourists. If you plan to go anywhere, make sure it’s not too crowded

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Visiting during the day makes for an easier experience. The area is quite hot and uncomfortable without some form of shade or air conditioning.

At night, the temperature drops and many people come out to enjoy the entertainment the local community has to offer.

There are few hotels available so try to book as early as possible. During our visit we were able to find something very close to where we wanted to stay and got a great deal.

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Keep in mind that things get pretty busy at night so expect a lot of traffic heading into the city. Also avoid going there if you have a heart condition, as there are lots of hills and rough roads.

Finally, remember that this is Mexico! Even though it is ancient history, it still feels like they are battling the gods about everything. Be prepared for some ‘energy’ when you arrive.

Get information about Mexico

Traveling in Mexico

Information is very important, especially when you are traveling to a country like Mexico where there are many things that can happen during your trip. It is best to know how to communicate outside of Spanish, since English is not widely spoken anywhere in Mexico.

Before you go to Mexico, it’s good to learn some basic Mexican words so you can talk with local people. A few language websites offer learning programs for free or cheap. There are also lots of books that have simple word-learning games to help you improve your vocabulary.

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It’s a good idea to buy a dictionary that includes common Mexican words found in essays, novels, blogs, and poems as well as ones you may encounter while speaking with locals. You will also need a translation tool for understanding Mexican languages such as Nahuatl, which is the most popular native tongue here.

Learning these foreign languages is extremely helpful and respectful towards individuals who cultivate an appreciation for different cultures.

Plan your trip

Traveling in Mexico

After learning about available trips, you can choose to go for yourself or book a group excursion. For people who prefer self-directed travel, there are numerous tours to pick from.

For those looking for more structure, departures provide guided tours of Cuernavaca and greater Morelos at reasonable prices.

All tours cost extra money compared to buying tickets directly, but offer discounts throughout the year. Many tour operators also donate part of their proceeds to help make further plans.

Bring your camera

Traveling in Mexico

With its endless beaches, impressive reefs and vast number of attractions, Mexico is home to some of the most popular vacation spots in the world.

If you are thinking about traveling to Mexico, here’s what you need to know:

Where You Can Go

You can visit many places in Mexico, including the famous city of Cancun (a favorite with young people) and the capital city of Mexico City. You also can go hiking or camping in Puerto Vallarta, sightseeing in Guadalajara and shopping in Los Angeles.

What To See And Do

Mexico is full of incredible sights, experiences and adventures! Surf the net for tips on where to find fun things to see and do. Explore the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan along with the modern day tourist hotspot of Chichen Itza.

There’s so much to see and do throughout the country, just take a look at these sites listed by The Culture Trip for more information.

Click the links below to learn more.

Buy your travel tickets

Traveling in Mexico

The best time to visit Los Angeles is during the summer months, especially from May until November. This is when you’ll find less people visiting or more people choose to stay inside, so you can avoid some of the crowds.

You also have the option of traveling outside the city for some outdoor fun. You can go surfing, take aerobics classes, climb mountains or just stroll through an amusement park.

For inexpensive entertainment, buy your ticket(s) to one of the many movie theaters that show new releases. Or if you are interested in learning about Mexican culture, check out what options there are for traditional dances, including the very popular Danza de los Muertos (Dance of the Dead).

Find out how to best spend your time

Traveling in Mexico

Although it is dangerous, visit popular places such as the pyramids of goma or the beach citiesof Rosarito and Cancun at night. In these areas you are safe from muggers or pickpockets.

If you’re driving down south, do so during the day. It can cost you money to get back to the city after dark.

Also, leave early to avoid traffic and get good tickets for museums or other attractions. During the summer months, dawn is an excellent time to see the morning sun rise over the ocean; afternoon is an ideal time to enjoy the beaches and their sunshine.

Many tourists prefer the cool weather to stay outside past dusk. If you like getting up with the sun, consider moving your schedule up by one hour.

Avoid traveling alone, especially at night. Take helpful companions along to protect you from any potential danger.

Read about popular destinations

Traveling in Mexico

If you are thinking of going to see la Catedral or el Parque de las Chinitas, then you should know that they are extremely busy places at all times. You will find most people hanging out here (so don’t be surprised if you feel like you run into more Mexicans than yourself).

In fact, unless you visit during the week, you might as well go somewhere else. By night, it can seem very crowded, so try visiting late Sunday or early Monday morning.

Another place that is very popular is Los Arcos, which is only one park away from the main square. There are little pathways behind the trees that lead to various restaurants and shops. It is also great for evening walks.

Plan your trip with great places to visit


There are lots of cities, towns, regions and villages in this country made famous by lures of its heat, beaches and nightlife.

Planning which city or region you will spend time in depends on how much money and mobility you have available.

Avoid overpriced tourist destinations and focus on enjoying what matters to you most-the surroundings and shopping.

Mexico is a very large country so keep that in mind when planning a route. It also has several states and territories that are not included in the top 10 visited ones above.

Such as the Yucatán Peninsula state, located in the southern half of the country, or Baja California, located in the western part of the country.

Tell your friends

Traveling in Mexico

When I was in Guadalajara, we visited an event where they featured a famous Mexican singer who performed live. The crowd absolutely loved her! She started with basic chords but when she grew more confident she improvised and made it sound like she actually sang the songs. It was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

You should definitely try to go see this woman perform live. She is truly amazing.

Also, during our trip my friend Emily went to a restaurant near hers. Outside there were trees and seats so people would hang out outside eating and drinking.

One night two guys came to the door and found seats inside. They waited for about half an hour before anyone else showed up. Those two sat there all night long which is why restaurants are able to stay open late.

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