Tz'ikin, the Eagle: The Heart of Heaven

September 20, 2023

In the heart of heaven flys Tz'ikin, the Eagle. Tz'ikin stands as an archetype of financial success, masculine sexuality, sight, and dominance. Tz'ikin is a Nawal that brings direction, speed, discipline, and spiritual wisdom. Standing above the crowd, Tz'ikin offers us a higher perspective on life's challenges and blessings, acting as a messenger between heaven and earth.

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The Many Dimensions of Tz'ikin

Financial and Business Acumen

Tz'ikin is closely tied to the world of business, particularly in the domain of monetary investments. It is said that this Nawal helps resolve bureaucratic matters and restores order when lost among hierarchies. Such qualities make Tz'ikin an essential character for entrepreneurs and those in leadership roles, enforcing the cycle of value and treasure in the material world.

Masculine Sexuality

In the realm of sexuality, Tz'ikin adopts a somewhat self-centered approach, emphasizing personal stimulation and desire. The Nawal displays traits like dominion over a partner, intensity, and sexual forthrightness. However, this isn't just about sexual prowess; Tz'ikin also embodies the healing spectrum of masculine sexuality, aiding men who may be struggling with insecurity or confusion.

The Nature of The Eagle

The Eagle, as an animal spirit, embodies dominance and keen vision, characteristics that Tz'ikin translates into its human traits. It's not just a bird of prey; it's a symbol of higher perspectives and a bridge between the earthly and the celestial.

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Celestial and Earthly Energies

Tz'ikin holds an important role in balancing celestial energies, acting in service to powerful Mams like Quej and Ik. This gives Tz'ikin both a creative and destructive potential, marking it as an entity that must be approached with respect and understanding. It takes a strategic approach to life, tackling problems head-on while safeguarding against destructive forces.

Key Aspects of Tz'ikin

The Eye and Sight: A Focus on Attention

Tz'ikin embodies the symbolism of the eye and sight, representing the essence of attention. Where the eye goes, focus and intention follow. This parallels the eagle's keen vision, which allows it to spot prey from great distances, fixing its gaze and attention on the target.

Directness: The Path of Least Resistance

Much like how an eagle swoops directly down to snatch a fish from the water, Tz'ikin is a Nawal of direct action. It doesn't waver or hesitate; it zeroes in on its goals with laser focus, a trait that can be seen in its financial dealings, relationships, and overall life path. This directness is an asset in navigating the complexities of life, ensuring that Tz'ikin's actions are efficient and impactful.

The Messenger: A Harbinger of Dominance and Communication

Tz'ikin serves as a powerful messenger, carrying information and ensuring that messages reach their intended destinations. It's not just about the transfer of words but also the implicit power dynamics involved. Tz'ikin is competitive and dominant, much like the eagle that doesn't shy away from marking its territory.

The Symbol of Power: From Rome to the United States

The eagle's symbolism as a representation of dominance is evident throughout history, from Rome to Germany and the United States. As such, Tz'ikin carries an inherent sense of global competitiveness and supremacy, a powerful force that strives for top positioning in every endeavor, whether political, financial, or personal.

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An Amplified Perspective

Adding these aspects into the tapestry of Tz'ikin enriches our understanding of this complex Nawal. It’s not just a Nawal of the Mayan calendar; it's a multidimensional system of energies and influences that affect multiple aspects of life. It navigates between the boundaries of the earthly and celestial worlds with keen eyes, direct actions, and a sense of innate dominance.


Tz'ikin is not just a Nawal of the Mayan calendar; it's a complex system of energies and influences that affect multiple aspects of life. It governs financial matters, masculine sexuality, and operates between the boundaries of the earthly and celestial worlds. The true essence of Tz'ikin can be explored further through understanding its keywords, which include business acumen, masculine sexuality, dominance, and celestial navigation.

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