The Maya Calendar E-Book



This book is a complete analysis of every day in the Maya Cholq'ij or Tzolk'in Calendar. Every thirteen day period, known as Trecena or Oxlajuj Q’ijnem, is covered in detail. Including authentic Maya perspective, interpretation, and translation of every nawal. 

Understanding the foundation of archetypal meaning and their interaction with each other through Trecena, one can start to connect with and understand the complex meaning of our reality.

Through my analysis, it is my goal to build a bridge from the mystery, and lay out a practical guide for understanding this spiritual science. Passed down for thousands of years through oral tradition, you will learn the ancient wisdom of understanding time as consciousness.

While reading this book, one can track what day it is in the Maya Calendar, by going to and using the Gregorian to Maya date conversion calculator. 

Look up your birthday as well as friends and family members. 

After purchase you will be able to download the book in .pdf format.

114 pages


Published August 9th, 2023

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