Maya Day-Signs Meet Western Zodiac: Discover Your Dual Astrological Alignments

October 7, 2023

In the vast realm of astrology, two systems stand out with their unique interpretations and deep-rooted histories: the Mayan Tzolk'in calendar and the Western Zodiac. While separated by oceans and centuries, each offers keen insights into human nature and the universe's rhythms. What might happen if we dared to merge these two worlds, finding parallels between the Mayan day-signs and our familiar zodiac symbols? Journey with us as we bridge the ancient wisdom of the Maya with the astrological narratives of the West. Discover the intriguing intersections and the shared archetypes that, despite originating from different cultures, speak to universal truths about our existence.

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  1. Imix (Crocodile or Dragon) - Scorpio: Imix, a symbol of the deep, primal waters, resonates with the Scorpio's depth and intensity. Just as the crocodile emerges from the water's depths, Scorpios often delve into life's mysteries, seeking transformative experiences.
  2. Ik (Wind) - Gemini: The breezy, flowing nature of Ik, which signifies wind and spirit, aligns with Gemini's airy, communicative essence. Both signify movement, exchange, and the intertwining of dualities.
  3. Akbal (Night or Darkness) - Pisces: Representing the night and all it conceals, Akbal mirrors the Piscean realm of dreams, intuition, and the subconscious. They navigate unseen worlds with grace and sensitivity.
  4. Kan (Seed or Lizard) - Taurus: Kan's connection to the seed embodies growth, potential, and steadfastness—traits mirrored in Taurus's earthy, grounded nature and their innate drive to nurture and cultivate.
  5. Chicchan (Serpent) - Scorpio: Chicchan, the serpent, carries energies of transformation and life force, aligning with Scorpio's passion, depth, and regenerative abilities.
  6. Cimi (Death) - Capricorn: Cimi symbolizes the cycle of life and death, a natural transition. This echoes Capricorn's understanding of time, tradition, and the transient nature of existence.
  7. Manik (Deer) - Aries: The deer, representing pathfinding and determined movement, resonates with Aries's pioneering spirit, drive, and leadership.
  8. Lamat (Rabbit or Star) - Libra: Symbolizing abundance and the harmony of the stars, Lamat finds a companion in Libra's quest for balance, beauty, and harmonious relationships.
  9. Muluc (Water) - Cancer: Embodying the fluidity and emotion of water, Muluc aligns effortlessly with Cancer's intuitive, nurturing nature and their deep connection to feelings.
  10. Oc (Dog) - Leo: Loyalty, love, and guardianship define Oc. Its protective essence parallels Leo's warm-heartedness, loyalty, and majestic presence.
  11. Chuen (Monkey) - Sagittarius: Chuen, the playful and skilled artisan, embodies the spirit of creation and discovery—a spirit Sagittarius shares with their boundless curiosity and zest for life.
  12. Eb (Grass) - Virgo: Representing humility and the interconnectedness of life, Eb resonates with Virgo's modest, service-oriented nature and their meticulous attention to detail.
  13. Ben (Reed) - Aquarius: Signifying pillars of knowledge and community, Ben aligns with Aquarius's forward-thinking, community-driven ideals and their vision for collective progress.
  14. Ix (Jaguar) - Leo: The majestic jaguar stands as a symbol of leadership and the mysteries of the forest, mirroring Leo's regal, commanding presence and their natural role as leaders.
  15. Men (Eagle) - Aquarius: Soaring high, Men, the eagle, offers visionary perspectives and freedom—qualities that echo Aquarius's innovative spirit and their ability to see the bigger picture.
  16. Cib (Vulture or Owl) - Capricorn: Representing wisdom and the ancestors, Cib aligns with Capricorn's respect for tradition, history, and the lessons of time.
  17. Caban (Earth) - Taurus: Symbolizing the rhythms and heartbeat of the Earth, Caban resonates with Taurus's deep appreciation for nature, stability, and the physical world.
  18. Etznab (Knife or Mirror) - Libra: Reflecting truth and clarity, Etznab mirrors Libra's pursuit of balance, justice, and clear understanding in all things.
  19. Cauac (Storm) - Aries: Representing transformative energies and the cleansing power of nature, Cauac finds kinship in Aries's dynamic, initiating spirit and their ability to bring about change.
  20. Ahau (Sun or Lord) - Leo: Exemplifying the radiant energies of leadership, enlightenment, and life, Ahau aligns with Leo's sunny disposition, power, and natural leadership abilities.


Exploring the interplay between the Mayan day-signs and the Western Zodiac reveals a beautiful tapestry of human understanding, as woven by ancient civilizations and contemporary cultures. While these systems have distinct roots, their convergence highlights the timeless and borderless nature of astrological wisdom. As we reflect on these paired signs, we are reminded of the interconnectedness of all things and the universal quest for meaning. No matter which sign or symbol speaks to you, know that the stars and the cosmos have a shared story to tell—one of unity, understanding, and the eternal dance of energies.


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