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May 3, 2022

First Find Your Mayan Birthday

Go to and convert your Gregorian birthday with our birthday decoder, to see what day in the Mayan Calendar you were born on.

How Does the Mayan Calendar Work?

This video is an introduction to the Mayan Calendar, and will show you the mechanics of how it works. Although related to in prophetic practice the Mayan Calendar is not based on any physical celestial body. The Mayan Calendar is based off of the gestational cycle of a human being, which is roughly nine months, or 260 days.

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This is a spiritual calendar that the Maya perfected and passed down through oral tradition for thousands of years. Western archaeologists were able to correlate the date in Mayan to our current Gregorian calendar thanks to the surviving of a Mayan codex mapping the cycle of Venus.

Mayan Birthday Mistake

Since the Mayan Calendar is not based wholly off of the movement of the sun, moon, or any other celestial body, your calculated Mayan birthday may be wrong. The next day in the Mayan Calendar roughly begins at sunset. So if you were born after sunset you might try calculating the next day, and even for some instances if you were born in the early morning before the sunrise you can try calculating the day before.

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You have to understand that this calendar is spiritual and not based off the physical world, some days are stronger than others and begin quicker or last longer.

You've Found your Mayan Day!

Circular mayan calendar mexico. Background, dates

Now that you know what day in the Mayan Calendar you were born on what now?

Knowing ones Mayan Day is to know ones purpose of creation. You were created by your father and mother in a sexual act, and a drama during pregnancy. A sexual act that creates an impulse, and a drama that creates an archetype. At birth these two things are revealed in conception. These are the two aspects of the Mayan Calendar, the numeral and the archetypal glyph.

Together they create your unique character, your unique purpose, and destiny. This is an ancient observation of time that was so sacred to the Mayans that it has survived over 3000 years. The cycle of our own consciousness, the movement of time within us.

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Now that this ancient knowledge has returned, you have the chance to take back your power of conscience, the chance to know the truth about yourself, and to walk your path with a spiritual purpose.

You've been living your life unaware of this mechanism. Unaware that the world around you is moving with purpose. Unaware that this movement is also inside of you. Unaware that there is a force keeping you from knowing this.

Beyond Your Birthday

Mayan Calendar

The 13 numbers and 20 archetypes create the 260 combinations of the Mayan Calendar. 260 faces of god, 260 messages to all of us. The Mayan Calendar is much more than just the explanation of one day, but how the world is changing around you as well as inside of you.

Each day is a lesson about life and about yourself. The Mayan Calendar is understanding why you made the choices you've made, and understanding how to change that behavior, how to open your eyes to what your true path is.

MayanDay Membership

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MayanDay vs. Other Mayan Calendar Sites

You won't find this information any where else on the internet, it has taken me over 15 years now to amass and filter out this information. As well as discovering secret and hidden truths about each day. This knowledge is attributed to the shamans and people of Mesoamerica, the discoveries of archaeology, and to the observation of life itself.

This knowledge comes straight from the source. Not everyone on the internet promoting this knowledge have even been to Southern Mexico, much less Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, or Honduras. Experiencing the land of the Maya first hand, and witnessing the truth of this ancient place something you will never find on the internet.

There is a history now of interpretation given to the Mayan Calendar by different groups of people, most with good intention, but with skewed perspectives or a missing understanding. This includes western archaeology, new age movements, modern day blogging, and even tribes of the Mayans themselves.

After taking a step back and analyzing all of these interpretations one will start to see the mistakes, mix ups, and even falsehoods. I will say, some of this has been very beautiful to untangle, revealing more about the calendar in the process.

Contemplating the history of the modern world interpreting the Mayan Sacred Calendar is reaching over 50 years now. This is not including the hundreds of years of archaeology beginning in the 1800's, but from the beginning of the "New Age" movement. When people like Jose Arguelles started promoting his reinvented version of the calendar called "the Dreamspell Calendar" or "13 Moon Calendar".








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