Mayan Astrology Personality

September 5, 2022

The Mayan tendency to be practical

Mayan Astrology Personality

Although most people are familiar with their culture through the media portrayal of blood-thirsty killers or beautiful women, there is more to Mexico than meets the eye.

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This widely overlooked aspect of the country includes its kindhearted people, who show empathy towards others. Even in modern times, when many have forgotten how to live with humanity, Mexicans retain these values.

They are known for their direct speech and willingness to express what they think. While this may not always produce happy results, it often leads to listeners giving honest responses.

Kindness can be learned by anyone, and if you adopt these qualities, things will start to change around you. You will feel happier and help other people feel better.

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These characteristics don’t cost anything, so why not add them to your life? Incorporate that “kindness habit” into your daily routine. Don’t worry about being good or bad anymore; just be kind.

The Mayan tendency to be serious

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Though many consider the Maya people to be little more than quaint folklore, there is actually some interesting history behind them.

Maya culture was often characterized by its religion and ritualistic practices. These included complex language and long prayers that could last for days.

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It should come as no surprise, then, that the Maya had an equally strong emphasis on spirituality and self-improvement. It was common practice for Mayas to use their astrological charts when making important decisions in life.

They would consult the stars to determine everything from how they dressed to what meal they ate. If the stars were not looking good, it was common for the Mayas to take measures to improve their luck. This usually involved spending lots of money on charmers or priests or giving up certain foods or activities.

Some mayas even believed that if you made enough donations, you could buy your way into heaven.

The Mayan tendency to be mysterious

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There are many questions surrounding the mayans, most of which have no answer. We do know that they had a unique mythology that was lost to them before contact in the 16th century. However, even then, their oral tradition as been passed down only through rumor and story.

It is believed by some that there were once answers to these mysteries, but over time people forgot what those answers were. And so the myths grew up around the rumors.

We also know that the mayans did not view themselves as primitive people. Instead, they saw themselves as descendants of an advanced civilization who left for another reason. It’s just that we don’t know what that reason was.

Some say that it was because of war, or famine, or disease, etc., but none can offer any proof. Others believe that they left due to spiritual reasons, such as searching for god or bringing news back about this world. But again, there is no evidence for this.

What we do know is that they abandoned all written record of their history and culture. Even if they did leave town with all their knowledge, others would have kept their legacy alive. So we haven’t heard from them, except via rumour and story.

The Mayan tendency to be outgoing

Mayan Astrology Personality

Although most people view Mayans as quiet, thoughtful and serious, recent studies show that Mayans are very social beings who like to talk and share ideas.

Mayas have a long tradition of education, starting with teaching children as soon as they can speak, which is when they start learning their language.

Many different cultures within Mexico use Maya culture, including speaking, dancing, religion, and medicine.

Because of this cultural influence, many Mayans today are comfortable in talking about themselves and showing their feelings. They may be more likely to engage in conversation at public events or maybe go to the theater or museum for an experience.

The Mayan tendency to be friendly

Mayan Astrology Personality

Though they are known for their warlike nature, this is only in situations where there is conflict. When friends or family members are fighting, opposing each other, then you’ll see them being aggressive and violent.

It takes a very serious situation to see the peaceful side of the Maya people. If someone is threatening your life or those you love, that’s when their true warrior spirit comes out.

They will do anything to protect those they care about. You can find a strong fighter who is willing to take on anyone as long as it doesn’t hurt her loved ones.

This person may become a soldier (or have military training), taking on any role within a team based around protecting others. She may also help out in law enforcement by working as an officer.

The Mayan tendency to be organized

Although they may not have as many distractions like modern people, mayans are very social creatures. They love meeting others and talking about what is going on in each other’s lives.

This includes you! You will find that mayans want their friends to feel comfortable telling them how they are feeling and would rather listen than talk.

You can help bring out someone’s inner mayana by letting them know they are important to you. Find ways to connect with your friends more often such as going for walks or grabbing coffee after work.

The Mayan tendency to be detailed

Mayan Astrology Personality

Although this is not their most common trait, some Mayans are extremely thorough. You may know of a few Mayans – perhaps one of your parents or relatives? They likely have a PhD, work as a teacher, manage a business, run a community group, are involved in politics, play sports, are active in church life, and/or are artists.

If you’re a Maya personality, you may find that you take things more slowly than others. You may need time to think before you act because you want to make sure the decision you’re making is right.

This can help you avoid making impulsive decisions often, but it also means that when events do come up, you might not be ready for them.

You’ll need to learn how to be more flexible with your choices if you want to achieve other goals. This includes people-related objectives such as finding job opportunities, meeting new people, and getting into relationships.

The Mayan tendency to be trusting

Mayan Astrology Personality

Although most cultures have astrological tendencies, few are as well-documented or understood as the Mayans. Their history is rich with stories of their prowess in war, building empires, and understanding the universe.

Their unique view of the world was not only shaped by their unusual faith but also by their unique culture and historical context.

That said, we can still learn several things from the Mayan way of viewing the world.

One of my favorite themes when it comes to looking at the Mayan personality is that of trust. At its core, this article will focus on how having trust issues affects your relationship with yourself and others.

However, I do want to give a quick preview before you go into the reading. Since the bulk of this article will be spent discussing trust, there will be a short section later explaining why it’s important to self-regulate to put out the right messages about other people (that they don’t suck).

I will also discuss what it means to have a lack of trust in another person, which will help you understand the root cause of your distrust.

Lastly, I will address how these beliefs affect someone who creates or believes in myths and legends.

The Mayan tendency to be creative

Mayan Astrology Personality

Although they’re credited with creating some of the world’s most famous astrological systems, including churinga and the concept of time itself, the Mayans also were avid practitioners of art.

They created murals, drawings and paintings that not only tell stories, but explain how nature functions.

This includes explaining celestial phenomena like thunder and lighting, as well as myths and legends. Their scientific observations informed their artistic creations.

Furthermore, the Maya believed that everything was connected through cycles. This explains why there are so many cyclical references in their artwork. For example, the petroglyphs (carvings made by drawing or carving into stone) depict storms, rain, floods and other aspects of nature tied to the cycle of life and death.

Their art also depicts the passage of seasons, such as springtime when new growth occurs in the garden, summer when people prepare for harvest, etc.

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