Birthday In Mayan Calendar

May 4, 2022

carved glyphs on a stone Mayan calendar

The birthday ball was held during sunset , so no one would fail to get presents on their birthday, which is what really matters.

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Everyone dressed up like they were going to a party, it was exciting! Even those who didn’t believe in birthdays had smiles on their faces as they waited for others to present them with gifts. It was fun being together and celebrating not only my birthday but also the day we all celebrated- friendship!

The night started off with guests arriving and dancing to friends’ music. When everyone stopped dancing, the football game began and someone kicked the soccer ball very gently into the other side of the room toward some of the guests. Next came dinner and when you're done eating you go sit down by yourself.

After everybody left the room momentarily, I saw two people standing at the footlocker talking. They walked out of the locker door once she sat down again. A few minutes later, he returned alone and parked himself right next to her. He took his phone out and started texting somebody.

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About five seconds after he locked eyes with me, he looked back towards our tablesides and seeing that I was watching him, he smiled and waved and then wrote something on his paper.

I know we are supposed to be having fun and celebrating friendships, but honestly, looking around the room stage fighting seemed to be more intense than anyone else. It was funny to watch and definitely wasn’t missing from


Birthday in Mayan Calendar

In the original language, the day names are words that mean something.

In this case, they refer to events that took place around the time of sunrise. And since the sun starts rising at different times across Maya geography, the naming of these days is also geographic—terms for mornings centered around the type of sunrise, what part of the country they occur in, and whether it was seen from far or near.

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By combining these terms with other yearly occurrences such as spring equinox and winter solstice, we can piece together a detailed picture of when the year began and how its seasons were divided.

This is why there’s a lot of hokey pokey stuff going on in the beginning of January; it corresponds to the location of the Sunrise Prayer Hour throughout the month of January (and every year).

The same applies regardless of where you live, though the specific dates will change due to leap years, etc.

Find the day (kin) of your birthday

Birthday in Mayan Calendar

Most people know their birth date but few understand how to find the day of their birth month, known as their birth day or birthmonth.

This is vital information to have for personal reasons, not only for religious purposes.

There are many ways to do this; some can be done free online. Just make sure that you use an accurate method so you don’t pay extra money for this information.

Some things you can do include: finding out when you were born via astrology, discovering your age by looking at yourself in the mirror (childhood), counting back from today’s date (adulthood)) etc.

Find the month (Haab)

Birthday in Mayan Calendar

If you know what day of the week any particular date falls, you can easily find the corresponding calendar year by working back through the full months. For example, if a birthday is scheduled for February 13, it fell within 2014.

To find the correct year, you would need to multiply 2018 (the year written) by 020 (the number representing Februaries), then add that number plus 1.

Find the year bearer

Birthday in Mayan Calendar

Finding the correct year is half of the fun for this activity. You will need to look at the month, date, and some numbers that refer to days into the month.

We’ll start with finding the day. There are several ways to do this. One way is to count backward from 30; there are 10 weeks between 1 and 29. Then you can use the week number as a pointer.

A more interesting approach is to use mathematical notation. We want to find the total amount of days since January first (the first day of the calendar year). Using our calculator we see there are 365.25 days from 2018-01-31 to 2017-12-29. Therefore, there are 362 nights according to our math!

Calculate the date

Birthday in Mayan Calendar

The mayans did not use the month-day system like we do. Instead, they used the day of the week for calculations. The term “month” to them meant any period of time between one weekend (which they called "Haab") and the next. Each Haab is seven days long.

Combining the number of days in each hab with their counting system and you get your answer! There are an enormous amount of things you can learn from this. For example, if I said that there are 365 seconds in a minute, you would think that it was very obvious, but let's look at it again using the mayan counting system:

There are whole numbers available for both minutes and hours, which means that you can multiply them to obtain the total number of seconds. That way, you know how many times bigger or smaller the minute and hour are.

From here, all you have to do is divide by the number of seconds in a minbudeh (the short name for a minute). This tells you what ratio the minibeha has so that you know how many times longer or shorter a minute is than another length such as a hab or a second.

Here are some examples : 60 Seconds=1 Minute 30 Secosnds = 1 Hour 16 Minutes= 2 Hours 36 Minutes=2 Hours

What does the date mean?

Birthday in Mayan Calendar

According to researchers, the birthday of an individual corresponds with his or her personality. They say that these attributes are formed during childhood, which is why children with similar up-bringing have similar personalities.

April 22 is considered an emotional day for most people--it's your birthday. But did you know there was someone out there who had the same birthdate as you? Maybe it's because they're identical twins.

According to Guinness World Records, this is the world's first recorded identical twin birth. In 1887, when the women were born, there was no such thing as an identified set of identical twins, so records from that time may not include them. However, Greta Zimmermann,the inventor of frozen pizza,is looked upon as the founder of America's Frozen Food Industry due to her invention of freeze drying. She also published Woman’s Home Companion magazine from 1940 to 1962.

Another famous April 22nd birth date is one found in our own history. On April 22, 1775, the Second Continental Congress declared independence after months of civil war over giving England control over North American lands.

On that day at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the Revolution began, and continued until all of the original thirteen states joined together in rebellion against Great Britain. That year, the British army completely withdrew from Massachusetts by land and sea. The threat of prosecution never existed after the declaration of Independence, so the colonies were free to choose

Celebrate your birthday

Birthday in Mayan Calendar

The Maya people celebrated their birthdays in August or September. Because we know this tradition, most people born in July celebrate early so they can enjoy their summer months fully before going back to school.

The traditional way of celebrating a birthday is not doing fancy dances or throwing parties. When you grow up, simple thank-you notes are all that’s needed. More advanced messages may be sent via email or text message, or more old-fashioned letters may be written.

However you choose to mark your day, keep it practical and don’t overdo it! Don’t make someone write you a check if there aren’t any funds available for things like that.


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